Giving light a new twist: rainbow spiral emission

October 1st, 2020

We demonstrate a new practical approach for generating multicolour spiral-shaped beams. It makes use of a standard silica optical fibre, combined with a titled input laser beam. The resulting breaking of the fibre axial symmetry leads to the propagation of a helical beam. The associated output far-field has spiral shape, independently of the input laser power value. Whereas, with a high-power near-infrared femtosecond laser, a visible supercontinuum spiral emission is generated. With appropriate control of the input laser coupling conditions, the colours of the spiral spatially self-organize in a rainbow distribution. Our method is independent of the laser source wavelength and polarization. Therefore, standard optical fibres may be used for generating spiral beams in many applications, ranging from communications to optical tweezers and quantum optics.

Mangini, M Ferraro, M Zitelli, V Kalashnikov, A Niang, T Mansuryan, F Frezza, A Tonello, V Couderc, AB Aceves, S Wabnitz, “Giving light a new twist with standard optical fibres: rainbow spiral emission,” (2020)